Deepwater Cementing equipment

Offshore deepwater cementing equipment is designed for Zone II of offshore platforms in deepwater/ultra-deepwater for high pressure/high displacement cementing operation. It is a new generation of skid-mounted cementing equipment with latest control technology, explosionproof technology, and safe and reliable design philosophy. It is comprised of a main skid with double engine and double pump, a remote control cabin, a liquid additive system, a constant pressure steady flow separator or surge tank for bulk cement delivery and others. The sound insulation and thermal insulation room can reduce noise from the equipment. The latest SUPER-ACM density auto control system can help the operator to accomplish pressure testing, slurry mixing and cement pumping operations in the local and remote control cabin. It greatly improves the operator’s working environment and reduces intensity of work. SJS deepwater cementing equipment is certified by CCS, ABS-CDS and DNV to meet the global market requirements.


  • High pressure/high displacement cementing operation for offshore drilling platforms in deepwater/ultra-deepwater;

  • High pressure pumping operation and testing operation.


  • Designed for safe zone or hazardous zone classified as Zone II;

  • CCS, ABS-CDS and DNV certified;

  • Cement slurry re-circulating and agitating systems;

  • Two complete independent power drives, redundant, to reduce down time;

  • Process monitoring and control for cement;

  • SUPER-ACM density auto control system;

  • 6" pumping densitometer to accurately measure the pumped cement density;

  • Dual control mode: remote and local;

  • Sound insulation and thermal insulation room to improve working environment;

  • Explosionproof liquid additive system to increase cementing quality.