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Along with large-scale shale gas exploration, very large volume of frac fluid is required to carry on sands downhole during the frac operation. The frac fluid can be either gel fluid or slick water with high viscosity, which are created by mixing a powder with water. The OTF (on-the-fly) hydration unit (truck-, trailer- or skid-mounted) can produce a large quantity of frac fluid volume at very short time period. This patented technology uses a high energy mixer and diffuser to form a homogenous fluid and avoid the formation of fish eyes. The required fluid viscosity can normally be generated within 3 minutes and be able to carry on the frac proppants downhole. The OTF hydration unit has been widely used in gas fields and has replaced many centralized hydration centers as it saves a significant amount of transportation costs and provides a much better environmental performance.



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