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The Water Cooled Brake (WCB) is designed for constant slip and severe high heat braking applications. The brakes are air actuated and cooled with a continuous flow of coolant from either a closed or open loop cooling system. A long wearing copper wear surface is used for greater heat transfer.

The WCB is available with two actuation methods, either airtube or piston. The airtube type is preferred over the piston for several reasons. The reinforced neoprene airtube accurately reacts to small pressure changes as the design offers no resistance to movement. The airtube is corrosion resistant and no special coatings or treatments are required. Field service is simple and error free.

Retrofit kits are available to convert an existing single or dual piston actuated WCB to airtube actuation with no other modifications required. The airtube will give a smoother response therefore enhancing the control of the WCB.

*Manufactured under the license from WPT Power Corporation. SJS is authorized for sales to oilfield customers in China.



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