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The unit is a dry mixing equipment used for mixing bulk cement, additives and ingredients. The skid mounted configuration is more suitable for cementing jobs in remote oilfields or new oilfields. The complete unit is suitable for desert condition (including air compressor).

DM2000-V20 portable bulk cement mixing skid is mainly comprised of two independent skids: mixing skid as main skid and air compressor skid as an auxiliary skid. The main skid mainly consists of the following components: dosing tank, mixing tank, metering tank, control cabin, controls and sensors, process pipeline, control lines and skid frame. To meet the requirements of road transportation, the design of the main skid can be split for transport and installation.

The electronic scale and the transducer elements are suitable for open field application. The computer control system adopts industrial computers with color screens for oilfield environment. The control system can finish the all operations automatically after being setup the layer and amount of each layer. The computer can save the complete process of the main job data and print them out.



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